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One Thing You Need to Hear

I read this quote the other day (Meagan @_Queen_za):

“Be so fucking committed to what’s best for your heart that you’re willing to sit through the most uncomfortable pain of growth and change, that you refuse to accept anything less than complete love and alignment.” (I would change “your heart” to “you”)

Life is challenging. Add in trying to understand and plan your route on your wellness journey and you might as well just hang on the couch. #amiright

Then, add in passive aggressive comments from others, bombardment of societal “perfection” on media, battling your childhood and adolescent traumas, feeling guilty for taking some you time, and whatever else…and you might as well never leave your fucking bed.


Here’s the deal. There needs to be time built in for YOU. Yes, there are things that “need” to get done. Is making your house spotless one of them? Nah. Is cooking a perfect meal that everyone in your family loves one? Nah. Is working 40+ hour workweeks? HELL NO. Is starving yourself one? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

These “extras” are likely adding to your stress, which takes away from your health.

I am confident you have heard this before: If you do not take care of you, then how will you take care of others? Same concept as putting on your mask first if the plane is going down. You cannot save others if you are dead (or in the hospital, assisted living, etc).


Write out one or two SMALL goals for the next month. Seriously, these can be TINY.

“I will stop using my phone at the dinner table.”

“I will schedule three times to intentionally move or exercise this week.”

“I will go to bed 30 minutes earlier.”

“I will leave work at 5p at least 2 days per week.”

“I will eat one fruit or veggie at every meal.”

Whatever you decide, COMMIT. This is for YOU. Do not let anyone deter you. Post your goal(s), get your family involved. Help your family see how important this is. YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Yes, it will be tough. It will be tough for all the reasons above (see paragraphs about “add in”). You can do it. We focus on small steps at a time, not the whole gamut. It takes time to undo a lifetime of trauma and societal influence. YOU ARE STRONG.

And, know that, no matter what:


Just the fact that you are reading this and (hopefully) deeply considering how to start adding in more emphasis on you is a reason to be proud. You are doing an incredible job handling all the curveballs life throws at us.

It is time to take the lead on your wellness. Start building your vision, your goals, and your team. We would love to be there with you, helping you discover you and what it means to feel better. One small step at a time!


Dr. Ana

Dr. Ana Grimh, PT, DPT, BA, CNPT, CSCS, FMS-1, CF-L2 Trainer Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Nutritional Physical Therapy

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ballroom Basics for Balance™ Instructor Owner/Mastermind

Align Wellness Services, LLC

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