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ALIGN Training: Tuesday, 9/8/2020

UB Push/Squat & Development


Spend 3-4 minutes opening up the hips & shoulders.

8 min AMRAP (SLOW):

20 lateral monster walks per side (band around feet)

20 shoulder taps (pushup or pike position)

30 seconds jumping rope

A. Strength: UB PUSH

Complete every minute on the minute (EMOM) x 12 minutes:

1st: 8 DB floor press (HEAVY)

3rd: Banded tricep pushdowns to failure (cap at 40 seconds if you have not had to stop already)

B. Strength: SQUAT

Complete 3 sets of:

The “LB” to failure in each position. There are 4 positions. Regular clamshells (external rotation of hip), internal rotation clamshell, bilateral internal rotation clam, and external to internal rotation clam. Complete the first one until you cannot possibly do another rep, then switch to the next position…until you’ve completed all four. That is one set. Enjoy!

Rest 1 minute

8 DB front squat with 32X1 tempo (lower for 3 seconds, hold at bottom 2, explode up)

Rest 1 minute


Complete as many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP) in 8 minutes:

6 DB power clean (heavy)

20 DUs (or penguin taps or 60 singles)

Cooldown: gentle hip & spine ROM & box breathing

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