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ALIGN Training: Tuesday, 9/1/2020

UB Pull & Rebound


Line drills: heel walk, toe walk, calf raises (bilateral, unilateral), lateral shuffling, carioca, skipping, butt kicks, high knees, inchworms, etc.

3 sets of:

20-30 seconds rig hang (use monkey bars at playground!)

30 second arch hold

A. Upper Body Superset: UB PULL

Complete 4 sets of:

8 reps sheet/ring row with 2 sec pause at top

Rest 30 seconds

Rest 15 seconds

8 reps per arm single arm DB row

Rest 15 seconds

Rest 15 seconds



6 RFT (Rounds for Time, 30 min time cap at class):

24 squats

24 pushups

24 walking lunge steps

Run 400m

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