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ALIGN Training: Thursday 9/3/2020

Midline/Carry & Development

A. Warmup

Line drills: heel walk, toe walk, calf raises (bilateral, unilateral), lateral shuffling, carioca, skipping, butt kicks, high knees, inchworms, etc.

3 sets of:

30 second hollow hold

30 second arch hold

B. Accessory: MIDLINE

Complete 3 sets of

30 seconds per side of side star plank

15 reps per side heel taps

15 seconds per side of single arm plank

30 second piked handstand holds (add in weight shifts from hand to hand or do handstand holds on wall)

C. Accessory: CARRY

Complete 4 sets of

1 minute goblet carry

1 minute Farmer Carry

Rest 30 seconds


Complete 10-15-20-15-10 of:

DB deadlifts (moderate)

Cooldown: gentle hip & spine ROM & box breathing

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