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ALIGN Training: Monday 8/31/2020

WL/SL & Development


Easy jump rope practice - single unders, single leg jumps, skipping, penguin taps, etc.

One set of:

8 slow air squats

5 per leg reverse lunge

8 hang muscle cleans with PVC pipe

8 hang muscle snatch with PVC pipe

B. Skillwork: OLY

Complete EMOM x8 minutes: 3 hang power snatch + 1 power snatch


Complete EMOM x10 minutes: 2 power clean + 2 jerk

C. Accessory: SINGLE LEG

Complete 3 sets of:

8 per leg single arm KB/DB contralateral front rack split squat, rest 30 seconds between sets


Complete 3 sets of: 6 per leg goblet Cossack squat, rest 30 seconds between sets


5 minutes of practice with kickstand cyclist pistol squat (squat to box as needed)


Complete a tabata (20 sec work/10 sec rest x 8 intervals) of each of the following (finish one before moving to the next):

DUs (or penguin taps or singles)

Cooldown: gentle hip & spine ROM & box breathing

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