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ALIGN Training: Friday, 9/11/2020

UB Pull/Hinge & Development


Spend few minutes getting heart rate up: high knees/mountain climbers

3 sets of:

8 birddog per leg

8 each direction I-Y-T-W-O

A. Strength: UB Pull

Complete every minute on the minute (EMOM) x 12 minutes:

1st: 8 reps sheet/ring row with 2 sec pause at top

2nd: 8 reps per arm DB gorilla row

3rd: 15 reps DB twist curl

B. Strength: HINGE

Complete 3 sets of:

Pulsing DB RDL to failure each set

No rest

12 banded sumo KB/DB deadlift with 3 second squeeze at top

Rest 30 seconds


Danny” – Complete as many rounds/reps as possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes:

30 box jump (step down, 24/20)

20 push press (50/35 DB or 115/75 BB)

30 pullups (or ring rows)

Cooldown: gentle hip & spine ROM & box breathing

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