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ALIGN Training: Friday, 8/21/2020

Hinge & Stimulation

A. Warmup

Easy jog up/down stairs or in place with high knees/mountain climbers

3 sets

8 banded glute bridge (or band just around knees)

8 banded glute bridge with heels digging into floor

8 birddog per leg

B. Lower Body Superset: HINGE

Complete 5 sets of:

8 reps deadlift with 3 second squeeze at top

Rest 15 seconds

20 banded prone straddles – second exercise in video!

Rest 15 seconds

20 banded pull through with squeeze at top

Rest 15 seconds

8 per leg single leg hip thrust with 2 second hold at top

Rest 30 seconds


10-30-50-30-10 reps of:

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