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ALIGN Training: Friday, 7/31/2020

UB Push & Stimulation

A. Warmup

Prep ankles/calves – heel walks, toe walks, calf raises (including single leg), skipping, etc.

6 min AMRAP:

10 shoulder taps (pushup or pike position)

20 banded tricep pushdowns (if odd object or DB, do seated)

B. Upper Body Superset: UB PUSH

Complete 5 sets of:

B1. 12 reps chair triceps dip

Rest 15 seconds

B2. 6-8 reps banded pushups

Rest 30 seconds

B3. Isometric pushup – hold as long as possible while still maintaining neutral spine! (cap at 30 seconds, start at higher position than video or elevate hands)

Rest 30 seconds

Rest 15 seconds

Metabolic Conditioning

For time:

50 mountain jacks

1 mountain jack = 1 burpee + 1 squat jump + 1 jumping jack

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