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When asked whether you prep or plan meals, food, groceries, etc, what do you say?

Do you say, “I am too busy for that!”?

Well, this word vomit is for you!

As a fellow “busy” person, I do not have time for a ton of preparation. That said, I definitely DO prepare and plan…at least loosely. And, I do it in very little time. But that is for a different blog.

Today, I just want to make a suggestion on five foods to keep in your home. These are things that I consider staples to a busy kitchen, regardless of it being just you, two of you, or 3 or more! Foods picked based on versatility, ease, and nutrient content.

Now, in no particular order, here they are:

  1. Eggs. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. I would recommend keeping a bowl of hardboiled eggs in the fridge. Super quick to prep and easy to grab. Alternatively, eggs are really easy to cook up! Perhaps with the veggies listed later?

  2. High quality protein powder. I picked powder because it typically has more protein. Mix with water or almond milk. This can also be mixed into smoothies, yogurt, baked goods, etc. However, it is SUPER EASY as just “add water.”

  3. Nut butter. Peanut butter is often an inflammatory food; BUT, if that is what you have, that is what you have. Almond, cashew, etc butters are also good to try. Delivers a nice little fat and protein punch! Eat a little solo or with a fruit or veg. Moderation is key with nut butters.

  4. Any fruit you like. Figure out your preferences and always have it on hand. Keep in mind that some fruits are higher in sugar (ex: bananas, grapes). So, maybe do not eat three bananas in one day. Ultimately, though, the fruit is probably better than candy. You know what is REALLY easy? Those damn fruit pouches for kids! Just find the ones with ZERO added sugar. Frozen fruit is also easy, and could be turned into a smoothie with the protein powder and nut butter…

  5. Any veggies you like. We keep frozen and fresh veggies on hand, usually common stuff like carrots, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers. Carrots are probably the only thing we eat raw. We steam the rest. In a pinch, I have definitely eaten other raw veggies, which are NOT my favorite. BUT they are good for me!

Seriously, having these on hand can make healthier eating easier and more accessible. You can eat one as a snack (or 1-2 of them) and/or create a balanced EASY on-the-go meal if you pick a few of them. I love the versatility of this list. You can be pretty creative with just a few staples. If you are willing to try stuff, you could also add more depth to it by picking “in-season” fruits and veggies, and that means variety throughout the year…as well as supporting local farming and gardening.

What other staples would you add to this list? Include your thoughts behind adding it!


Dr. Ana

Ana Grimh, PT, DPT, BA, CNPT, CSCS, FMS-1, CF-L2 Trainer Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certified Nutritional Physical Therapy

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Ballroom Basics for Balance™ Instructor Owner/Mastermind

Align Wellness Services, LLC

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