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"Buffalo Chicken Salad" By Sarah

Need healthy eating in a pinch? Our resident "make good food quickly" correspondent, Sarah gives us her take on lunch, fast.

"My kind of cooking is not science. I measure nothing, but will recommend suggestions for you. Use what you have and feel free to substitute generously or skip ingredients altogether.

Use what you love! For me it’s spinach and sweet potatoes. I usually bake a few sweet potatoes at the beginning of the week to use in dishes or just eat them cold on the go.

Here's a super speedy lunch! No measuring and plenty of options to substitute.

Chicken - Left over rotisserie chicken but substitutes are welcome

Avocado - Not used here but wished I had them

Goat cheese - again, substitute generously (e.g. blue, cheddar)






Rice vinegar


Heat up the chicken. Mix Sriracha and rice vinegar in equal parts and toss chicken in it. Lay down the spinach. Add the rest of the veggies, chicken and a little goat/blue/cheddar cheese

Tips: I used a veggie peeler for the carrots but you could slice or shred them. You could use a ranch or blue cheese dressing on top if you want. I'm a Sriracha nut so I used more of the Sriracha/vinegar mix.

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