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Home: Welcome


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Start with an

initial consultation

It all starts with a chat. We want to hear your story to better understand your goals, challenges, and history. To get where you want to go, we need to know where you come from.


Complete one-on-one


You will learn, perform, and understand the foundational movements we expect all clients to know. We will assess how you are moving so you can receive individualized adjustments once you are in group classes.

Join our family

After you feel comfortable and confident with the foundations, you’ll have the opportunity to become a client! Membership is either through personal training at home, in the gym or in a small group fitness class (classes limited to 6). If you decide to start in group class, you are welcome and encouraged to schedule personal training on the side.

A coach will also meet with you quarterly for a brief chat. During these quick sessions, we make sure you are still feeling comfortable in class, feel like you are progressing towards your goals, find out if there are other ways we can better serve you, obtain current health metrics (blood pressure, weight, body fat %, etc), and answer any other questions you may have.

Elliptical Machine

And remember:

You are worth it

You are worth the time and energy you will commit to this.

So, what are you waiting for? Click the green button below to start the conversation! 


While you wait for our response, check out our articles and training philosophy to learn more. Let’s start setting the foundation for you to stop feeling alone and insecure and start feeling more confident, empowered, and supported!

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