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Busy working professionals…busy Moms and Dads…busy ANYONE!

If you know me, you know that I have always been someone who takes on a LOT OF RESPONSIBILITIES. I love to help. In fact, learning how to say no has been something I have had to become better at over the years. And, I STILL stink at it.

So, I have always looked for ways to make feeding myself easier, less time-consuming. And, as a new Mom, I am so GLAD I spent so long developing habits and routines.

Here are a few of my go-to meals:


1 cup frozen fruit (Berries? Banana?)

½ cup almond milk

1 scoop protein powder (pick a flavor based on your fruit!)

Water as needed for consistency

(Make it a comprehensive meal by adding nut butter!)

Adaptations? Depending on your fruit, you could add in cinnamon, vanilla, and/or pumpkin pie spice. Need more fat? Add in 1 tbsp nut butter or frozen avocado! Need vegan? Try a pea protein for protein powder! Tons of options here. THE LIMIT DOES NOT EXIST (#meangirls).

My current favorite?

1 frozen banana

½ cup carrot juice

¾ cup almond milk

dash of cinnamon and vanilla.

It tastes like carrot cake! MMMMMM….


½ cup instant oatmeal + water

1.5 tbsp dairy-free chocolate chips

½ tbsp ground flaxseed

Small amount almond milk to mix in flaxseed

1 spoonful nut butter

Fruit (either berries or banana, depends on what I have!)

2 hardboiled eggs (prepped over the weekend!)

Adaptations? Add cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice! Add pumpkin! Use “regular” chocolate chips! Need less fat? Leave out the nut butter! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

I eat this EVERY morning. I can make this while entertaining my 5-month-old!


Salad greens of your choice

TONS of other veggies – I throw on whatever I have left over or in fridge

Topping options: cheese, almonds

Dressing? Pick an oil-based or salsa/pico de gallo.

Add a protein – chicken? Taco-style meat?

Adaptations? Add fruit for some pizzazz! So fancy! Use hardboiled eggs in place of other meat.

I typically bring a salad for lunch. I prep it while I am making my breakfast and entertaining that 5-month-old. I usually use pre-brought chicken strips – there is more sodium in those; however, I do not have a ton of time for cooking. Occasionally, there is taco meat leftover, and I will use that!


1-2 lbs ground beef

½ package taco seasoning (reduces the sodium!)

Add veggies of your choice:

Bell peppers, broccoli/cauli, green beans, etc.

Put it on a carb! Suggestions: baked sweet potato, “carb choice” tortillas, salad greens (see above!), cauli-rice, rice, quinoa, etc.

Can always top with cheese, pico de gallo/salsa, guac, etc.

Our absolute GO-TO dinner! We almost always have beef defrosted, and this is super easy. Even if we bake up some potatoes, it's STILL easy.

Notice a pattern? Basically, I pick a protein (I shoot for ~25g), add a fruit, add a veggie, and maybe a smart carb. Drink water. BOOM.

Making the meal for a family? Double or triple it! They are so easy to make.

STOP putting so much pressure on yourself for meals. While I definitely enjoy food, it really is just FUEL.

What are some ways YOU make food prep, meal planning, cooking/baking, etc EASIER? Share your experience!


Dr. Ana

Ana Grimh, BA, DPT, CSCS, FMS-1, CF-L2 Trainer Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin - Madison Owner/Mastermind

Align Wellness Services, LLC


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