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10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss

GOTCHA! There are NO easy fixes to losing weight, becoming healthier, or gaining muscle mass. That said, I do have 10 suggestions on what to make habits in your daily routine.

As a new Mom, typically busy working professional (usually more than full-time hours in a week), and other family and life responsibilities, here are the items I have made habits. Once they became established habits for me, they are not time-consuming, and generally feel better physically and mentally. That said, IT IS HARD. Committing to a healthier lifestyle is difficult at first. But, after you know how good you can feel, it is SO MUCH EASIER. After baby Zaelin arrived, I struggled to get back on a routine. I was tired all the time, I did not feel like I could take the time to prep or make a meal(s). I forced myself to get moving that first week, since I know that can help recovery (damn that PT brain!). I reminded myself that eating mindfully and exercising, even if it was “just” a walk, would help me feel better. And, it sure did! This is not only true for postpartum women. Fueling yourself with the good stuff and moving as much as possible will make ANYONE feel happier and more energetic.

Without further ado, here are "10 Tips for Quick Weight Loss"

  1. Establish a sleep routine at night and in the morning. Google this – there are TONS of helpful guides on making routines and what to limit near bedtime. LINK IN REFERENCES.

  2. Schedule your workouts into your calendar prior to the start of the week. These should be considered non-negotiable appointments with yourself!

  3. Get outside as much as possible! Got a 10-minute break? Go out for a walk or bike ride. Sit outside on your patio and soak in the sun. Play with your kiddos.

  4. Add lots of veggies and a fruit with each meal. Veggies should take up most of your plate.

  5. Drink 8 oz of water every waking hour.

  6. Discover your crockpot / slow cooker / Insta-pot! There are fantastic recipes out there, and these meals are easy to put together and/or prep. LINK IN REFERENCES

  7. Decrease the amount of caffeine you consume each day (coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout, etc).

  8. Decrease (or eliminate) the number of alcoholic beverages, soda, high-sugar drinks, or fruit juices you drink per week.

  9. Keep the same meals on rotation for 2-3 weeks before switching. That will save you time each week on grocery list creating. I use the same list every week right now, since I do not have time for a ton of creativity in meals.

  10. Figure out what snacks are easiest for you. For example, I make a huge batch of hard-boiled eggs each week. So easy! You can also find higher protein bars and powders at the store – I usually recommend whole foods when possible, but these are good in a pinch. Oh, and how about FRUIT? Or VEGGIES?


  • DO NOT SKIP MEALS. Your body needs fuel to perform. No matter what you tell me, I am certain you will feel better and more energetic if you do not skip meals. Stop starving yourself!

  • Track your screen time (TV, computer, phone) on your “free” time. Slowly start reducing it. What is completely essential to watch? Can you put limits on your phone apps?

  • Reframe how you view food. Food can still be DELICIOUS. Can fruit be dessert? YES. Get some low-fat yogurt (or try almond or coconut milk yogurt), add fruit, maybe a TINY bit of granola…VOILA! An AWESOME dessert. Can carrots be a snack? YUCK. I really do not like carrots. BUT, I eat them with a serving of hummus or peanut butter as a snack. Tolerable!

Now, do not focus on doing all of these at once. Copy and paste this list into a document, print it, and post it somewhere prominent in your home. Check off the items when they become HABIT. It might take several weeks to make ONE a habit. That is ok! Over time, as you are more consistent and focused, all of these will start to become part of your routine. James Clear says that learning to be patient is a very important skill, and patience is definitely required when making new health habits stick. Great progress is attained when you are CONSISTENT and PATIENT.

You have a family? Get them on board! You will feel more support, and they will also become healthier. Win-win!

Which one(s) are you going to start with? We would love to hear it!


Dr. Ana

Ana Grimh, DPT, BA, CSCS, FMS-1, CF-L2 Trainer Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin - Madison Owner/Mastermind

Align Wellness Services, LLC


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