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Modern Problems require modern solutions.

For many, 2020 has been a rough year. It has been increasingly difficult to focus on your wellness. You have had to adapt to an ever-changing world. Working from home, helping or leading your kids on their schooling, and so much more. The world-wide pandemic is not making it easy for you to build in healthier behaviors and routines.

As we become accustomed to a "new normal," life may have "slowed down." But, has it? Between work, the kids, and worrying about risks and self-quarantining, who has the time or energy to exercise or prepare healthy meals? 

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introducing the

align yourself


Align Yourself is a 6-week wellness program focused on building healthy behaviors into your routine. You will collaborate with your team, which includes a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and professional coaches. We bring the gym to you through a comprehensive program designed by a DPT to guide you through the behavior changes needed to align yourself and meet your goals.

Align Yourself is more than your typical "6-week challenge." We are not just here to bust your butt in ultra intense workouts or put you on a super restricting diet. We give you the tools and direction you need to develop positive habits that will result in meeting goals while increasing your wellness when you need it most. Improved health has protective benefits when faced with illness or disease.

With the Align Yourself challenge, you will receive everything needed to kickstart your wellness journey. From mindset to movement, sleep to nutrition, it is all there, ready to guide you where you want to go. 

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the top 3 reasons to


3. Safety

We know how challenging it is to navigate this new climate with COVID-19, and we want you to feel comfortable and empowered in changing your behavior. We get you started on the right foot. While gyms are generally a clean space, we will start this journey online. This will help you feel confident, and better able to focus on what you are doing. Not simply related to COVID-19, we look at your individual needs and integrate those into your wellness journey. This makes the training and nutrition even SAFER for you, as it is built around your specific medical and injury history.

2. Accountability

One of the biggest deterrents in goal setting and fitness is the consistency (or lack of) through the process. On the other hand, being held accountable can be a rather intimidating concept. That’s why focus on the positives to keep you motivated! You will have access to a private group who will keep you going when it gets tough! Your coaches are also just a text message away.


1. Mental & physical

well being

Summer is over. We’ve been able to get outside to do activities, but that is about to change very soon. Seasonal depression added to "WTF 2020" depression and the stresses of this new daily life are going to be one for the record books. Having a supportive, positive environment will be key in your wellness. We are here to provide that support.

Gym Trainer

what's included in

ALIgn yourself?

Initial consultation

We start every relationship with a conversation. We review your personal (pertinent) medical, injury, exercise, nutrition, and general life history; your concerns and questions; current responsibilities, stressors, and exercise/diet routines; and establish realistic, BEHAVIOR-based goals. From there, we observe you complete a variety of movement patterns in order to assess risk or limitations. If you desire, we will also take health metrics such as blood pressure, weight, body fat, etc. All of this data and information provide us with a better picture on the safest way to proceed.

Full downloadable guide

Our program consists of everything you will need to be successful: 

  • Exercise guide

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep and recovery

  • Mindset

In addition to the written guide, you will have access to our incredible database of video content including exercise demos and tutorials.


Weekly check-ins

Each week, we connect with you one-on-one to discuss progress, limitations, customizations, and anything relating to your progress and goals.  Use this time to ask questions and plan for the next week!

Align yourself

starts 11/16/2020

Thanks for checking out our challenge! Registration is now closed. Registration will re-open early December for our next challenge in January. Click below to reserve your spot and we'll contact you as soon as registration opens!

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