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align yourself

Align Yourself is an 8-week wellness kickstart focused on building healthy behaviors into your routine. You will collaborate with your team, which includes a physical therapist and movement specialist. We bring the gym to you through a comprehensive program designed by our physical therapist (Dr. Ana!). She will guide you through the behavior changes needed to align yourself and meet your goals.

Align Yourself is not an “8-week challenge.” We are not here to bust your butt in ultra intense workouts or put you on a restrictive diet. We give you the tools and direction to develop positive habits that will result in meeting your wellness goals. Improved health has protective benefits when faced with illness or disease. 

With Align Yourself, you receive everything needed to kickstart your wellness journey. From mindset to movement, sleep to nutrition, it is all there, ready to guide you where you want to go. 



*You can either purchase this program separately OR receive it as part of your regular monthly membership (see our Wellness page!). 

Gym Trainer

what is included in

ALIgn yourself?

Initial consultation

We start every relationship with a conversation. We review your personal (pertinent) medical, injury, exercise, nutrition, and general life history; your concerns and questions; current responsibilities, stressors, and exercise/diet routines; and establish realistic, BEHAVIOR-based goals. From there, we observe you complete a variety of movement patterns in order to assess risk or limitations. If you desire, we will also take health metrics such as blood pressure, weight, body fat, etc. All of this data and information provide us with a better picture on the safest way to proceed. Your consult will be with Dr. Ana!

Full downloadable guide

Our program consists of everything you will need to be successful: 

  • Exercise and Training

  • Stress Management

  • Sleep and Recovery

  • Nutrition

  • Mindset  

In addition to the written guide, you will have access to our incredible database of video content including exercise demos and tutorials.


Weekly check-ins

Each week, we connect with you one-on-one to discuss progress, limitations, customizations, and anything relating to your progress and goals.  These check-ins may be on text or email; at "mid-term," you will Zoom with Dr. Ana! Use these as opportunities to ask questions and plan!

Align yourself

Click below to reserve your spot and we'll contact you to schedule your initial consultation!

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