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AlignFIT is a 12-week wellness program focused on building healthy behaviors into your routine. You will collaborate with your team, which includes a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and professional coaches. We bring the gym to you through a comprehensive program designed by a DPT to guide you through the behavior changes needed to align yourself and meet your goals.

Alignfit is not a fad "challenge." We are not here to bust your butt in ultra intense workouts or put you on a restrictive diet. We give you the tools and direction to develop positive habits that will result in meeting your wellness goals. Improved health has protective benefits when faced with illness or disease. Don't get us wrong, we'll train hard, but intelligently and with personal attention.

With alignfit, you will receive everything needed to kickstart your wellness journey. From mindset to movement, sleep to nutrition, it is all there, ready to guide you where you want to go. 

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the top 3 reasons to


1. Safety

We know how challenging it is to navigate this new climate as we re-enter the world from the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want you to feel comfortable and empowered in changing your behavior. We get you started on the right foot. While gyms are generally a clean space, our program is entirely outdoors! This will help you feel confident, and better able to focus on what you are doing as well as bring some fresh air and sunlight to your morning.


We will look at your individual needs and integrate those into your wellness journey. This makes the training and nutrition even SAFER for you, as it is built around your specific medical and injury history.

2. Accountability

Being consistent is one of the more challenging components to developing great wellness habits. With us, you will have a non-judgmental team there to support you, especially when it gets tough! Your support team will include us (your coaches!), our "veteran" members, and other newbies starting their own wellness journey. We are only a text, phone call, and/or email away!


3. Mental & physical

well being

Summer is here! Getting outside for fun activities will is a great way to beat the winter blues we experienced this year. From seasonal depression, "WTF 2020" depression, and the stresses of daily life are going to be one for the record books. Our supportive, positive environment will be key in your wellness success. We are here to serve you!

Gym Trainer

What's the ALIGNFIT process?

It's easy!

Initial conversation

We start every relationship with a conversation. Click the green button below to fill out our basic intake form. We'll contact you for a brief phone call to discuss your pertinent injury, exercise, nutrition, and general life history as well as your questions and concerns!


From there, we'll get you signed up and ready to attend our outdoor summer program!

What is the cost?

 AlignFIT is competitively priced at $345 for the entire 12 week program. That's less than $10 per class!

Spots are limited, so contact us TODAY!

AlignFIT starts Monday, June 14th and runs through Friday, September 17th. 

Workouts will be held at various parks on Madison's east side every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am. You'll receive a full schedule so you know where to be!

Click below to reserve your spot and we'll contact you to schedule your initial consultation!

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